The closely contested, first general election under Kenya's new Constitution took place on 4 March, 2013. The run up to the elections was tense and calls were made for Kenyans to vote peacefully, following the post-2007 election ethnic violence that ravaged the country, killing more than 1000 people and displacing hundreds of thousands.  

Kenyans turned out in record numbers to vote. For the first time the presidential candidates would have faced a second-round run-off if the top two candidates had not achieved a simple majority, and 25% of the votes in at least 24 counties in the first round.

It took a week for the election to be declared for Uhuru Kenyatta, who won 50.07% of the votes in the first round. Prime Minister Raila Odinga contested the results in the Supreme Court of Kenya.

Voters wait in line for the polls to open
A young woman with her baby covered in a sheet waits for her turn to vote
Masai men wait to vote.
Masai women wait outside the polling station
Smiles as voters wait in line
A political party agent consults with an election officer
Voters queue to have their documents verified
A man clutching his documents
A woman has her documents verified by a polling clerk
An illiterate eldery woman receives help to cast her vote
A woman casts her vote
As well as voting for the President, votes were cast for local government officials
A woman drops her voting paper in the ballot box
A couple relax in the shade after casting their vote