2015 and a new dawn beckons. After dramatic steps taken by President Obama to normalise relations between the US and Cuba, following a 54-year standoff, the country is expected to undergo a rapid and vast transformation. Foreign visitors are flocking to the island eagar to experiene the'real' Cuba before the inevitable McDonaldification.

Havana, immortalised for so many in music, cinema, art, and dance is a must-see amongst other honeyspots. The city contemplates its destiny, as it stands poised to embrace new possibilities. The future landscape in terms of prosperity, opportunities, and freedom is uncertain but life continues as Habaneros hold out for brighter days to come.  


In 2017, the Trump Administration began rolling back Obama-era policies on Cuba by restricting US travel and banning US citizens from doing business with entities linked to Cuba’s military, intelligence and security agencies. 




Malecon Serenade
Three Generations
Lamparilla Street
Balcony View
Viva Fidel
School's Out
Seeing Red