Primary education in Kenya is technically free, but not compulsory. Many children are kept out of the classroom because their parents cannot afford to pay for school uniforms, textbooks, transport, or other levies imposed by schools. For the lucky ones, the issue is quality: facilities are often very basic, and standards vary considerably, particularly in rural areas and between public and private schools.

Following on from the millennium development goals, in September, 2015, world leaders at the United Nations, New York, adopted 17 ambitious sustainable development goals (SDGs) on issues including, combating poverty, inequality, and climate change. Goal four focuses on quality education, elusive for many, in countries like Kenya and yet key to unlocking development within the next fifteen years before the SDGs are set to expire. 

Lamu Town, Kenya
Baringo County, Kenya
A school bag hangs from a desk
A school girl sits at her desk in an empty classroom
Clothes drying on a thorny bush
Kiwayu, Lamu County, Kenya