About Me


Why I make images

How can I not when there is so much to say about who we are, how we live, what we dream about, what our challenges, triumphs, rites and rituals are.

I try to capture timeless, compelling and emotive images, which ask questions without necessarily providing answers.  I am on a mission to document life in all its vibrancy and contradictions.  My images are essentially about people, a celebration of their beauty, their grace, their resilience and spirit.  

I live in Nairobi, where I originally trained as a lawyer.  I also have an LL.M in Law and Development from University College London. As a published sustainable development writer, I tend to look at life through this lens and so strive to create images with impact and purpose that highlight concerns, as well as solutions: images which educate, intrigue and inspire.   

If you are looking for informed, compelling, considered images which raise awareness, tell a story or showcase your projects and activities please do get in touch.